BodyBarre MVMNT

A barre-based workout that incorporates small isometric movements with intervals that transform your body. Each class is designed with mindful movements which include cardio, strength, flexibility and recovery all with the ballet barre. You will be challenged with an empowering workout that will leave you invigorated.

BodyBarre MVMNT Cardio Jump

BodyBarre Cardio Jump is an ideal fitness class to efficiently condition your cardiovascular muscular and skeletal system. This class targets your lymphatic system, detoxing while you jump! As part of the popular Barre series, BodyBarre Cardio Jump uses JumpSport trampolines, light weights and elastics with added cardio intervals. Get long, lean and strong with this innovative and fun class.

Barre Circuit

This class will rev up your metabolism by integrating all your favourite moves at the barre with intervals on trampoline.  You will sculpt and tone your muscles with cardio-challenging intervals and stations that will focus on strength, flexibility, and balance. This class is designed to add to your barre program so you do not plateau. Get ready to sweat!


Barrelates is a core-focused fusion of BodyBarre and Pilates.  Expect to create long lines with challenging abdominal sequences sprinkled throughout all your integral BodyBarre moves. Barrelates will exclusively use the Pilates stick and straps with a maximum of 8 people per class.