Gravity Classes

Gravity Circuit

Get ready for this challenging calorie burning, strength and full body workout. Every energy system will be used and pushed to its limits. We will incorporate thirty minutes on the Gravity Training System (GTS) with thirty minutes of metabolic, high intensity cardio stations. You will burn fat while toning your muscles at individual stations.

Gravity Jump

This class incorporates the GTS and the JumpSport Rebounder. Gravity Jump is a mix of cardio and strength exercises. The Rebounder provides a safe and effective, low impact cardio interval workout. Don’t get fooled by the low impact description – you will torch calories and love this full body, ultra-toning workout.

Gravity & Gears

This class is the perfect mix of strength on the Gravity Training System with cardio intervals on the bike. You will burn calories and build muscle with this circuit class that will leave you metabolically charged. This is the ultimate cardio and strength workout all wrapped into one!