Group Reformer Pilates Classes

Our classes will take you to a whole new level with a combination of Reformer training and high energy music. Reshape your entire body by incorporating high-energy, low-impact exercises targeting core, arms, thighs, seat and back. Get the focus of our dynamic, certified instructors with a maximum of 5 people per class. All levels are welcome but are specified with each individual class description below.

Vic Pilates Pure (Open Level)

This is our signature traditional Reformer class back to it’s foundation. This class is perfect if you starting your Pilates journey.  The focus of the class is on breath, form, alignment, balance and core.  This is a full body workout.

Vic Pilates Strength (Mixed Level)

This is our signature Reformer class, taking it to a whole new level.  This class combines traditional Pilates with strength training work.  We will allow for more variations and quicker transitions that will sculpt and tone long lean muscles.  This is a fast-paced workout that will build endurance, stamina, balance and core strength.

Vic Pilates 30/30 (Mixed Level)

This class combines our favourite two methods: Pilates and BodyBarre MVMNT.  This class is perfect for anyone who wants to mix up their routine and try a new method.  The best of both worlds leaving you challenged for just the right amount of time. 30 minutes on the Reformer plus 30 minutes at the barre.

Vic Pilates Precision (Mixed Level)

Technique is the focus of this class. Emphasis is on form, alignment and the connection of body and mind.  This class will help deepen your practice and build a stronger core.  You will develop a better understanding of deep connections along with injury prevention during this intense workout.

Vic Pilates Power (Advanced Level)*

This is our most advanced Reformer class for the experienced student who would like to take their workout to the extreme.  You will be put to the test with advanced sequencing, higher resistance, intervals and balance challenges.  This class will leave you and your muscles shaking by revving up your metabolism.  If you like a challenge this workout is for you.  *This advanced-level class requires instructor referral for entry.