Your First Ride

We can’t wait for you to experience your first ride with VicSpin. Like anything new, there is a learning curve. It might take some time to pick up some of the moves, but our VicSpin team loves new riders and will help make the experience fun for you.

Before You Arrive


It’s always a good idea to come well hydrated and having eaten a little something before your ride. So be sure to have a light snack with some water about 30 minutes before the ride to get the most out of it.

What to Wear

Any t-shirt or tank top will do and either long shorts or leggings. You’ll be changing into clip-in shoes, either a pair of ours, or if you have your own with SPD cleats, you can use those.

When You Arrive

Be Sure to Come Early

Please give yourself time to find parking and then arrive at reception about 15 minutes before your class. This gives you time to check in at the front desk, get changed, grab some water, and get some assistance in setting up your bike for the first time.

Signing In

If you signed up in advance, your name will be listed on a sign-in sheet next to your bike number. You simply initial next to your bike number so we know you have arrived. Please note: if you’re not signed in 4 minutes before your class, your bike may be released to someone waiting for a sold out class.

Bike Shoes

To give you the best experience, VicSpin bikes only support SPD clip-in shoes. Once you ride with clip-ins, you’ll wonder why you ever did it any other way!

For your first class, the shoes are on us. You will find them conveniently waiting for you in a bin with your bike number on it. Going forward rentals are $2, including tax. Once you are a regular VicSpinner and want your own shoes; you can either buy a pair from us or we can tell you about the discount relationships we have with nearby retailers.


To create the inspirational environment for our rides, no bags or phones are allowed in the VicSpin studio. Lockers are available with digital locks in our locker rooms as well as mini-lockers for phones and keys as you walk in.


Bring water with you into the class. Our custom VicSpin bikes actually have holders for two bottles! You can buy a selection of drinks at reception or fill your water bottle with filtered water just outside the studio door.

Getting Your Bike Set Up

VicSpin’s custom-designed Stages bikes allow you to adjust you bike to the seat height, handlebar height, and seat forward spot that is just right for you.

If you need assistance, one of our VicSpin Concierges will be in class before it starts to help you set up.

Health and Safety

As with any exercise routine, you should ensure you are approved by your doctor and are not at any risk. Though our instructors will always encourage you to give it your all, you also have to know your body and be sure not to exert yourself to any danger zone, especially if you have any medical condition.