MD Formula by Victoria Park Lab

Introducing: MD FORMULA, exclusively at Victoria Park Medispa.

We heard you. When it comes to caring for your skin, you want the best – without compromise.

MD Formula is the cosmeceutical line you’ve been waiting for; non-toxic and exclusive to Victoria Park clients.

Exponential Results

Our clients have been asking for a product line that produces real results and complements their treatments. The MD Formula line has been specially formulated with safe, high-performance active concentrates, to work in synergy with your treatments at Victoria Park. These products were specially formulated to:

1) Prepare the skin to receive a treatment;

2) Promote recovery following a treatment;

3) Maintain and accelerate results between treatments.

Reviews about MD Formula at Victoria Park:

Since I’ve been using MD Formula, I’m told my skin looks radiant! I love the glow!

OMG! Forever Plump is addictive! My skin looks so much better, and my fine lines and wrinkles are plumped up, I can’t get enough!

MD Formula line of products

MD Formula at Victoria Park: Safe and non-toxic

The MD Formula line was designed from the start to be both safe and effective. The line does not contain any of the potentially harmful ingredients identified by the David Suzuki Foundation as the “Dirty Dozen” or the Environmental Working Group’s red list that are unfortunately found in too many popular product lines. So go ahead, enjoy your new daily beauty routine with confidence.

Rituals at their best

Talking to our thousands of customers over the past decade has helped us understand the importance of a good morning and evening ritual. MD Formula was designed to elicit those moments of pleasure as you take the time to care for yourself, revealing your radiance… from within.

There’s something for everyone:

  • -Everyday Skincare
  • -Post-treatment essentials
  • -Solutions for unique concerns


MD Formula is already the no. 1 brand at Victoria Park. To accompany your in-clinic treatments, create a ritual perfectly adapted to your unique skin, under the enlightened advice of our cosmeceutical specialists. What’s more? The MULTI-C SERUM 15% that everyone is talking about is now the best seller across all skincare categories at Victoria Park Medispa.

Shop MD Formula Online & In-store

Find your favourite MD Formula products, wherever you are! Our exclusive product line is now available online at You can also stop by any of our Victoria Park clinics so one of our cosmeceutical specialists can give you tailored help.

MD Formula line of products

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