Dr. Earl Minuk


Dr. Earl Minuk is a board certified dermatologist and internist in both Canada and the USA.

Providing Natural Outcomes and Patient Happiness

“I believe I have been at the forefront of cosmetic non-surgical treatments in Winnipeg since our opening over 25 years ago. I like what I do, and I love giving people natural outcomes,” explains dermatologist Dr. Earl Minuk proudly, part owner and Medical Director of Victoria Park Medispa, formerly known as Dr. Minuk’s SkinClinic & Laser Centre.

Dr. Minuk completed his medical school at the University of Manitoba and completed his dermatology residency training at the University of Ottawa and Michigan. As a Board-Certified Dermatologist in both Canada and the USA, he has the distinction of being a Fellow of the Royal College of Canada (FRCPC).

“To offer our clients an even wider range of products and services, I recently partnered with Victoria Park Medispa, Canada’s largest network of medispas led by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. My clinic is their first western location. We were the 16th partnership in the group. Each of our 16 clinics is run by Board Certified Dermatologists or Plastic Surgeon specialists.”

“In 1989,Dr. Minuk came back to Winnipeg and was purely a medical dermatologist. There were a few skin lasers in Canada, but the industry was in its infancy and very few Winnipeg doctors were doing aesthetic injectables. In 1993, he brought the first skin laser into Manitoba. The laser was for port-wine stain birthmarks. “I was treating birthmarks, blood vessels, etc.” shares Dr. Minuk about his early years in the industry.

In the early 90’s, Dr. Minuk brought additional lasers into the province and, once Botox was approved, he trained with Drs. Jean & Alistair Carruthers, in Vancouver the innovators who applied Botox for treating wrinkles. He bought multiple lasers and was the first in Canada to purchase Sculptra filler.

He describes his popularity in this way: “I became well known in the city, lectured on national and regional levels, trained doctors and specialists on newer products that were coming to market, and I had a great time doing it.”

While opening his dermatology practice in Winnipeg in 1989, Dr. Minuk did not move into cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic non-surgical medicine until several years later. He introduced his first advanced skin laser to Winnipeg in 1993.  Today, he has over twelve lasers and energy-based devices and a team of over 10 serving the market. He smiles and give a small laugh when he’s called WINNIPEG’S LASER MAVEN or BOTOX KING.

He has trained with many Key Opinion Leaders in the field of lasers, neuromodulators (Botox) and dermal fillers, which includes well known Canadian dermatologists and specialists; Drs. Vince Bertucci, Nowell Solish, Arthur Swift, Kent Remington, Andreas Nikolis and Alastair & Jean Carruthers. He boasts 25 years of experience in cosmetic dermatology.

Dr. Minuk describes the new partnership: “the medical aesthetic industry is advancing more rapidly than ever before and working with Victoria Park will allow our team to bring even more services to the Winnipeg market. For example, we just became the first in town to introduce the latest skin rejuvenation technology from Sciton called BBL Hero and Contour TRL which has shown outstanding results in reducing pigmentation, wrinkles, resulting in skin tightening, skin tone and quality. As well, we will shortly be giving our own facelift to our Grosvenor Avenue clinic.”

“Vic Park is partnering with top-notch cosmetic clinics and their world-class back office services take the burden off me to manage the place. Instead, I can work with my staff and patients more”, he explains about the upside of the partnership.  “We will continue to give natural looking results and provide excellent customer service,” Minuk adds, “whether we use injections, body treatments or laser.”

Our consultation process is unique. Dr. Minuk prides himself with meeting every new patient. During their first consultation, a patient will meet with one of our medical assistants or nurse, to discuss their concerns, take a medical history, formulate treatment options, and provide information to make a well-informed decision. Dr. Minuk will review the information with his assistant and see the patient.  Minuk and staff spend 30-60 minutes with the patient to discuss treatment options, social downtime, and skincare.

“We want our patients to be informed and to have enough information so that they understand the procedure and know what to expect the outcome will be.” Dr. Minuk explains.

Botox and fillers, and several lasers can be done the same day, other procedures may need to be done on a different day. Many of my staff have had these procedures, so they know what can be done the same day. No treatment is performed on a patient without their informed consent.

“If they come in for a Botox treatment, we do everything with them in a private treatment room. Since privacy is important, clients have the option of using our private rear door if they aren’t comfortable going out the front door after their procedure,” interjects Dr. Minuk.

“Presently, we have 7 lasers, 2 bodysculpting machines and 4 energy based devices. These do everything from facial rejuvenation to non-surgical fat reduction, and muscle toning. We even now have treatments for thinning hair. There has been quite a change in the industry since I started – we can treat so much more than we used to. I am a specialist in what I do, and I have been educating myself for years and stay current. If the customer is not happy for any reason, we will do our best to make it right,” he describes his philosophy on patient care.

The VP Skin Team is made up of 12 staff including Dr. Minuk. This terrific team consists of a

  • Clinic Manager: Rhonda
  • Reception Concierge Team: Terri, Mitch, and Melissa
  • Nursing Team: Carolyn RN; Danielle NP
  • Director of Laser Services: Julia
  • Medical Assistants and Laser Techs: Kim, Suki, Julie

“It’s good to have great people working for us. I tip my hat to my staff because they are wonderful. Rhonda, our Clinic Manager, has made a big change to the office. We have Julia, Director of Laser Services with us for 10 years. They are all knowledgeable, positive, and come to work with energy. Their positivity reflects how patients feel in the office.” Dr. Minuk says proudly of his team.

He also has a medical dermatology practice as well, which he still enjoys. Many of his patients have been coming to him for years, and so many of his patients are older with aging skin, skin cancer and other such chronic conditions.

Many of his clients are doctors and nurses and they come back because VP has the right formula for making people happy. “I love repeat patients!” he exclaims.

One achievement that Dr. Minuk and his team are proud of, is being awarded the WINNIPEG CONSUMER CHOICE AWARD FOR OVER 10+ YEARS in the category of Cosmetic Physician.  As well, Victoria Park was just awarded Best Medispa in Canada and Consumers Choice for Canada by the Canadian Spa and Wellness Industry Association.

The clinic offers natural enhancement, cost effective treatment and the right lasers for the right outcome. At Vic Park, they have more machines to choose from and can use combination therapies. Our team has the ability to provide treatment options for people. One treatment type may not be for everyone. The clinic provides options in how to achieve the same outcome. They might do a less aggressive treatment more times because the patient can’t take time off work for more aggressive treatments. The experienced, well-trained staff have the background and ability to do a lot in the VP clinic.

“I want people to walk away happy and smiling. Three things that stop people from having a filler injection are cost, they don’t want to look overdone or unnatural or they are scared that treatment will be painful. We work with the patient to make their procedures affordable; provide natural looking results, use topical numbing creams and ice to reduce the discomfort.” touts Dr. Minuk proudly.

But all Dr. Minuk’s work, success and expertise, only come second behind being a proud father of four young adult daughters and their accomplishments: two are lawyers, one a physician specializing in pediatrics and a fourth is going to law school in the near future. He is commonly seen in the kitchen cooking.