Dr. Ratté

General Practitioner, Sclerotherapy

Dr. Richard Ratte - Victoria Park Medispa

With 25 years of experience in phlebology, Dr. Richard Ratté developed a unique expertise in sclerotherapy in the Outaouais region.

Dr. Ratté did his medical training in Houston and Dallas with Dr. Pauline Raymond-Martimbeau, a world’s leading expert in sclerotherapy. Dr. Ratté quickly gained a reputation for his expertise in phlebology in the Outaouais region and now has thousands of treatments on his books. Also, for four years, he was a member of the management board of the Canadian Society of Phlebology.

As someone who is deeply preoccupied by the quality of his relationship with his clients and wants to offer therapeutic results, beyond the industry’s standards, it’s important for Dr. Ratté to constantly broaden his knowledge.

He has joined the Victoria Park Gatineau medical team in September 2019.