Dr. Marie-Hélène Geoffroy

General Practitioner / Sclerotherapy in Westmount


Originally from the Eastern Townships, Dr. Geoffroy received her MD from the University of Sherbrooke. She then specialized in family medicine in Quebec City.

At Victoria Park Medispa, she offers sclerotherapy services, which reduces the appearance of spider and varicose veins for her patients.

Dr. Marie-Hélène Geoffroy has 15 years of experience as a general practitioner with a diversified range of practices, such as sclerotherapy. She did her aesthetic training at the MINT Institute in Kansas City as well as with renowned vascular surgeon Dr. Ricardo Cruz.

Dr. Geoffroy is known by her colleagues and patients to be energetic, thorough and an attentive listener. She recommends treatments that meet her patients’ aesthetic expectations while maintaining an overall vision of the medical issues associated.