Dr. Caridad Le Gal

Dermatologist in Gatineau

Dr. Le Gal is a dedicated physician whose journey in the world of medicine has taken her across borders, enriching her expertise and passion along the way. She earned her medical degree in her homeland of Ecuador and went on to complete her residency in France, where she honed her skills and specialized in dermatology. This international experience opened doors to a world of possibilities, and she eagerly embraced the opportunity to train and work in various countries. Each destination became a learning experience, fueling her knowledge and passion for her profession.

Her professional goals are a testament to her commitment to providing top-notch care. Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, she continues to expand her expertise through ongoing training and education. She firmly believes that in the realm of medicine, one never stops learning.

In her approach to medical aesthetics, Dr. Le Gal’s philosophy is simple: listen to the patient. By understanding their desires and concerns, she can leverage her technical expertise to craft artistic results that align with their expectations. Her patients describe her as calm, attentive, and always smiling, making their journey toward self-improvement all the more enjoyable.

She encourages her clients to begin with positive affirmations and the simple act of mindful breathing. This aesthetic mantra serves as a tool to restore inner calm, banish negative thoughts, and cultivate confidence and self-control.