Dr. Victoria Taraska

Dermatologist in Winnipeg


With over two decades of experience, Dr. Taraska is one of Winnipeg’s leading dermatologists with an impressive range of specialist training in cosmetic and medical dermatology to her name. Her clinical skills are unparalleled and highly acclaimed amongst patients for delivering outstanding results that restore skin health while boosting its beauty. As a reliable authority on skin analysis, safety standards, and the most effective rejuvenation treatments – you can trust Dr Taraska to make your aesthetic dreams come true!

Dr. Taraska is a highly accomplished physician, renowned for her expertise in Dermatology and affiliated with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. She holds an MD from the University of Manitoba, where she further honed her skills by training in Internal Medicine before completing post-doctoral residency at the prestigious University of Ottawa. A respected leader within dermatological research circles across North America, Dr. Taraska has been recognized as a luminary member among top organizations including Canadian Dermatology Association and American Academy Of Dermatology. She is the medical director for both Victoria Park Medipa locations in Winnipeg.