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Belkyra for Chin & Neck Contouring

Reduce the appearance of your double chin without surgery.* From the makers of Botox, Belkyra treats the condition that is a “pain in the neck” for so many of us.

* Individual results may vary.

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Belkyra offers a way to reduce the appearance of your double chin without surgery. From the makers of Botox, Belkyra treats the condition that is a “pain in the neck” for so many of us*.

*Individual results may vary.
Warning: These photos and videos are published for reference only to provide information on the nature of the intervention. They do not constitute a guarantee of results. Individual results may vary.

What Is Belkyra?

Belkyra® is a treatment for submental fullness, more commonly referred to as the double chin.

Belkyra® (also known by its American brand name Kybella®), is an injectable solution used to dissolve fat in this region. Victoria Park Medispa was pleased to be one of the first centres to introduce Belkyra in Montreal as well as be a training centre for the use of Belkyra®.

Belkyra® is a Health Canada approved product injected directly into the chin to dissolve fat cells.  Belkyra® can contour the shape of your lower face by eliminating fat and resulting in a more defined chin and jawline.

Belkyra’s main active ingredient, deoxycholic acid, is a similar synthetic version of a molecule your body produces naturally to break down fat.  When injected, fat membranes are destroyed and the remaining is absorbed back into the body.

Belkyra results photo

Belkyra Before & After Photos

Double Chin
Double Chin
Double Chin
Photos courtesy of Victoria Park and Dr. Derek Jones
Warning: These photos are published for reference only to provide information on the nature of the treatment. They do not constitute a guarantee of results.

Get Started

How long is a Belkyra treatment?

Following an in-depth consultation with one of our physician specialists, a treatment usually takes about fifteen to thirty minutes. Depending on the severity of submental fullness, a client may need two to six treatments.

How does it feel?

Treatment is relatively pain-free. There may be some temporary soreness or swelling following treatment.

How much does Belkyra cost?

Treatment with Belkyra can start at about $1000 but is dependent on the types and amounts of products used to give you the optimum natural-looking rejuvenated result. Special financing with low monthly payments is available for any treatment.

How do I get started?

A consultation with a Victoria Park Medispa physician can range between $125 and $195, depending on the type of consult. We perform a complete review of your age, facial structure, skin type, and the improvements you would like to see. We then walk you through the various options that could have the greatest benefit for you, review before and after photos, and develop a treatment program together.

FAQs about Belkyra®

How is the number of treatments of Belkyra® required decided?

The number of treatments required is determined by the severity of submental fullness (or double chin) and the outcome for each client following treatment. Improvement should be seen between each session. Your doctor will estimate the number of treatments required at your initial consultation. Then, at each subsequent visit, you will review your progress together with before and after photos and discuss your treatment regimen.

What is the difference between liposuction or SmartLipo of a double chin and Belkyra?

Liposuction involves a minimally invasive surgical procedure with local anesthesia.  There is a special device such as a laser, in the case of SmartLipo, inserted into the fat of the double chin and where the fat is melted. The melted fat is aspirated out and removed.  The advantage of liposuction for a double chin, triple chin or even quadruple chin is the immediate removal of fat in a single stage.  However, it does require between 3 and 7 days of recovery and a modest degree of bruising and discomfort.  Clients seeking a one-time treatment for the removal and improvement of their double chin with modern forms of liposuction, can discuss these options with one of our board certified plastic surgeons.  Clients that want a noticeable improvement of a double chin, but performed subtly without any incision, sutures or recovery over time are good candidates for Belkyra Injectable (also known as Kybella injectable procedures in the US).

Is Belkyra® the best solution for treating a double chin in Montreal? What are my other options?

Victoria Park is pleased to offer multiple options to treat your double chin, this way you can choose the best solution that is right for you, not just the one solution we happen to have.

For cases of larger submental fullness, we find that CoolSculpting treatment for double chin can work best. Where there is not an issue of fat, but of skin laxity, we find that Thermage, Ultherapy, or Exilis can work best. We have also found that dermal fillers used for enhancing the jawline can make an impactful difference in reducing the appearance of a double chin. Clients may also prefer or be best served by a surgical option from one of our board certified Plastic Surgeons

A consultation with one of our physician specialists where all your questions can be answered is the recommended starting point for determining the treatment, or combination of treatments, that is uniquely right for you.


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