Skincare myths – debunked!

Anti-aging, the 2 words that make most people’s ears perk up! We are all seeking the secrets to youth but your Victoria Park team is here to keep it real (and safe).

When it comes to anti-aging we prefer facts over fads and are here to debunk some myths that you may not want to hear but your skin will surely appreciate!

Myth #1: Skincare products based on age

Age is not a skin type so buying products geared toward a specific age doesn’t make sense. Someone who is 50 years old can easily have the same skin type and concerns as someone in their 20s. Regardless of your age, choose your skincare products based on your skin type and concerns.

Myth #2: Anti-aging products are only effective for “older” skin

It’s never too early to fight visible signs of aging. Skin does not “adapt” to ingredients. And product strength has nothing to do with age, only skin type. The ingredients needed to fight signs of aging may be potent but they are suitable for nurturing skin of any age.

Myth #3: Peptides and similar ingredients work like neuromodulators (like Botox)

No such luck! There is a reason why Botox is Botox and why it is only to be used via injection. Imagine topically applying something that paralyzes the muscles. How can you control it properly? Let’s not go there. That being said, peptides have amazing benefits, such as firming and evening out skin tone. Just maintain expectations of one vs the other.

Myth #4: Skin requires specific ingredients for day and night

Having a day and night routine is not a bad thing. But there are no studies that show specific products actually function before in the am or pm. The only exception is skin’s need for sunscreen during the day. Most ingredients are equally beneficial when applied during the day or at night.

Myth #5: Getting a base tan from a tanning bed prevents sunburn and sun damage

Let us make this VERY clear: Solariums and tanning beds are toxic for the skin. No exceptions! Heard they are not as bad for your skin as the sun? Lies! They are worse as they emit concentrated radiation inches from your skin and emit mostly UVA rays, which penetrate deeper causing greater damage than UVB or visible rays. Bottom line.

Thanks for reading!

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