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Reduce the appearance of pigmentation and redness while rejuvenating your skin.

Save up to 30% on our Forever Young BBL packages and look up to 10 years younger!

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What Is Forever Young BBL?

Forever Young BBL® is an advanced photorejuvenation treatment that uses broadband light to rejuvenate skin and reduce pigmentation. Studies have shown1 that regular treatment with Forever Young BBL caused patients to look ten years younger than their average age.

Forever Young BBL emits short bursts of high-intensity light to penetrate just below the skin’s surface, targeting either the melanin that makes up brown spots or the blood vessels that create broken capillaries. After the skin’s collagen and elastin are boosted, you are left with an even and glowing skin tone.*

*Individual results may vary.

BBL for Brown Spots Removal and Redness

Besides being a favourite treatment of ours for overall skin rejuvenation, BBL reduces the appearance of problematic brown spots, freckles, redness and general pigmentation.

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Warning: This video is published for reference only to provide information on the nature of BBL Forever Young. It does not constitute a guarantee of results.
Warning: This video is published for reference only to provide information on the nature of BBL Forever Young. It does not constitute a guarantee of results.

Before & After Photos

Brown Spots
Brown Spots

Photos courtesy of Victoria Park
Warning: These photos are published for reference only to provide information on the nature of the treatment. They do not constitute a guarantee of results.

Why Victoria Park Medispa?

Victoria Park Medispa was a pioneer with IPL for over 10 years and has since upgraded to Forever Young BBL with broadband light technology to provide better results for our clients. We also frequently combine Vbeam or Halo with BBL treatments for an improved result for pigmentation when required.

Because we offer many proven solutions for skin rejuvenation we work to ensure that you get the treatment that is right for you, or combination that is right for you, not just the treatment we happen to have.

Victoria Park Medispa is operated under the supervision of physician specialists – plastic surgeons, oculoplastic surgeons, and dermatologists with laser treatments performed by highly trained laser technicians.

Get Started

How long is a BBL treatment?

A treatment generally is three sessions of 15 to 30 minutes, once every four weeks.

How does BBL feel?

Most clients describe the sensation of similar to the light snap of an elastic band against the skin several times during treatment.  Though some clients experience temporary darkening of some brown spots and minimal redness for 48 hours, most clients experience no downtime following treatment.

How much does BBL cost?

The cost of a treatment with BBL Forever Young starts at $265 per treatment, depending on the area treated, with special financing available, as well as packages for multiple treatments.

How do I get started?

A BBL consultation with one of our highly trained laser technicians is free. We get to understand your skin type, discuss your goals and decide on a treatment plan together.

FAQs about Forever Young BBL

What areas are treated by Forever Young BBL?

Forever Young BBL can treat the face, neck, or décolleté. Victoria Park Medispa also offers BBL Hero, which can treat larger areas on the body, such as arms, back, hands and more.

How soon can I see results?

Results are visible within a few days of the first session and develop progressively after each treatment. Some studies[1] show that patients who have undergone a regular process of BBL treatments look ten years younger than their age. We often recommend our “Forever Young BBL” corrective program, which includes three treatments – one treatment per month. For maintenance purposes, we offer our “BBL for Life” program for one and two years, where you can save 30% and 50% respectively.

[1] Bitter P, Pozner J. Retrospective evaluation on the long-term anti-aging effects of BroadBand Light Therapy. Cosmet Dermatol. february 2013; 34-40

What types of hyperpigmentation can the treatment correct?

BBL can treat sunspots, sun damage, post-inflammatory spots and freckles.

The beauty of BBL is that it can also treat redness, including diffusing redness (erythema) and visible blood vessels on the skin, in addition to the collagen and elastin that give the skin its radiance and tone.

Unfortunately, we cannot treat melasma with BBL. However, we do offer several other solutions that can treat it.

How does Forever Young BBL correct pigmentation spots?

BBL is based on a technology called “selective photothermolysis”. This principle consists of emitting a pulsed light through the BBL handpiece, which is absorbed by melanin (responsible for brown spots) and oxyhemoglobin (responsible for the redness and blood vessels visible in the skin). When a brown spot is targeted and absorbs the light, the heat generated destroys the melanin in that area without damaging the surrounding tissue. The melanin in the brown spot is then eliminated by the body’s natural processes. We are also able to treat the skin’s collagen and elastin, which are stimulated to create new, stronger cells.

How is Forever Young BBL technology different from “regular” IPL?

“Forever Young BBL” is an advanced version of the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment. Victoria Park Medispa was one of the first centers in Canada to use IPL technology, before evolving to the “Forever Young BBL”.

“Forever Young BBL” offers the ability to treat multiple skin conditions with a single handpiece (wavelengths of light) to target different depths of the skin. This allows you to customize your treatment according to your needs and indications. Traditional Intense Pulsed Light typically has one or two wavelengths, which limits the ability to customize the treatment and address the areas you want to improve.

BBL also allows you to receive multiple passes of light with these different wavelengths (maximum of six passes). Therefore, technicians can slowly heat the skin and target layers of skin one at a time depending on the desired results. IPL allows only two or three passes maximum, with the same wavelength and without the customization that can be obtained with BBL. BBL is therefore more comfortable and much more adapted to your skin’s needs.


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