Dr. Jimmy Alain

Dermatologist / Mohs Surgeon in Quebec City


Dr. Alain is a dermatologist and Mohs surgeon recognized in the scientific community and has been directing the Mohs Surgery Center in Quebec City for the past 5 years.

Dr. Alain oversees the activities at the Victoria Park Medispa in Quebec City. He is as passionate about the aesthetic world as he is about the medical world, both of which contribute to giving you healthy skin and better self-esteem.He obtained his medical degree from Laval University in 1996, followed by a residency in dermatology with specialty degrees from the Royal College of Canada and the Collège des médecins du Québec in 2001. He then completed a fellowship in dermatologic oncology and Mohs surgery at the Skin Care Center at the University of British Columbia.He has performed over 12,000 Mohs surgeries to date, and treats over 1600 cancer cases per year.”Given the many shared values we had with Victoria Park: scientific rigor, uncompromising client safety, technological innovation and outstanding customer service, this partnership was a natural fit.”