Dr. Fernando Luna

General Practitioner in Aylmer

Dr. Fernando Luna

Dr. Fernando Luna, MD, LMCC, embarked on his journey in the field of medicine at the National Autonomous University of Mexico where he became a medical surgeon.

He is renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and pursuit of perfection, his level of knowledge, talent, and expertise instills unwavering confidence in all those in his care. In his role as the medical director of Lunaesthétique, now Victoria Park Medispa Aylmer, Dr. Luna assumes direct oversight of all procedures, ensuring the highest standards of care and safety.

A consultation with Dr. Luna is characterized by its unhurried and comprehensive nature. With a primary objective of enhancing aesthetic appearance, Dr. Luna takes the time to understand your unique needs and aspirations and values your input in all treatment decisions, fostering a collaborative approach to your aesthetic journey.

Additionally, he is a former board member and continues to be an active member of the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine. This highlights his ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of aesthetic medicine in Canada.