Dr. Marc-Antoine Poulin


Dr. Marc-Antoine Poulin

Dr. Poulin is a dedicated and highly skilled medical professional whose journey into the field of esthetic medicine was influenced by his yearning to help others feel their best. Specializing exclusively in facial procedures, Dr. Poulin is known for his expertise in facial anatomy, aging, trauma, cancer, and deformities.

His philosophy in medical aesthetics centers around trust and communication; he takes the time to understand his patient’s specific needs and goals, ensuring that he can provide tailored treatment plans. Patients describe him as an excellent listener and communicator who quickly puts them at ease, all while being meticulous in his approach to their care.

Dr. Poulin’s dedication to his profession goes beyond clinical practice. He is actively involved in medical research and the training of future surgeons in Laval University’s Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. He also believes that education is a lifelong process and will be furthering his knowledge in Paris with world-renowned Dr. Olivier Gerbault in ultrasonic rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Poulin believes that achieving a natural and youthful appearance with minimal traces of intervention is the goal of aesthetic medicine. Whether it’s correcting imperfections or signs of aging that bother a patient, he strives to deliver exceptional results while preserving the patient’s natural beauty.