Donna Saker Reveals her Beauty Secrets!

What does it mean to look and feel your best? How do you do it?

It has to do with a lot of things. For me, it’s diet, working out, and a general frame of mind of overall happiness… But sometimes, you need a little extra something to push you along. I’m grateful for all of the things that Mother Nature has given me, but sometimes, there are trouble spots where you need a little extra push.”

Have you ever gotten any cosmetic treatments or plastic surgery?

“I’ve gotten Botox and fillers done on some areas. I also do BBL (Broad Band Laser) treatments, which get rid of large pores, fine lines, sun damage, sun spots, spider veins and rosacea.

I see Dr. Nikolis at Victoria Park Medispa. He is a certified plastic surgeon, and even trains other doctors nationally and internationally in aesthetic injectables. I trust completely that he knows the anatomy of a face. He’s not going to overdo it. He will always tell you, “I want to make you look like yourself, but like you’ve been on vacation.” If people say “ooh, you’ve had too much work,” then there’s a problem! I always say that less is more if you go to the right place, and I completely trust them.

I take pride in the fact that I take care of myself. You know that feeling after you get your hair done – you stand a little taller, you can’t seem to wipe the smile off your face, and you somehow want to go conquer the world! I get that feeling after seeing Dr. Nikolis or doing any treatments. I feel a little extra – and I feel I deserve to feel that way! I’m in a place in my life where I want to live it full-heartedly – life’s too short to worry about frown lines ;)”

Why do you go to Victoria Park when you need that “extra push”?

They have the most incredible experts, doctors and technicians who are highly educated and highly researched. As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to any kind of medical treatment, I wanted to make sure that I was going somewhere reputable where I wouldn’t have to worry. I’ve never worried in over 10 years going to Victoria Park. They’re the largest medispa in Greater Montreal, with several locations: Pointe-Claire, Downtown Montreal, Westmount, Laval (Vimont), Rosemère, Montreal-East, and Longueuil. They’re in Gatineau, too! Stay tuned as more locations will be opening soon.

I also feel that their number one objective is to get the results, or the feeling, I came in to get, while keeping a natural look always. They respect my tastes, and my definition of beauty for me.  I think people are afraid of going to a medical spa because of the images we all have in our heads of celebrities who might have overdone it. But that would never happen at Victoria Park. They would literally turn you down! Don’t forget, it’s their business card on your face!”

What’s the distinction between feeling good about yourself and looking good to other people?

I think it’s a one-two punch, they go hand in hand. If you’re feeling good on the inside about yourself, it doesn’t always show on the outside… I’m a very happy-go-lucky, positive person, but I was one of those “sun worshippers” in my twenties and thirties. It caught up with me with sunspots and wrinkles.

My philosophy about getting anything done is that I don’t want people to see the work… But I want them to notice I look good! Because I feel good, and I want the outside to reflect the inside!”

Have you ever tried alternative treatments such as “CoolSculpting”?

Yes, I have done CoolSculpting, and with incredible results! Now, the thing about CoolSculpting is, there’s no down time, there’s no pain involved… It’s great for trouble spots like the muffin top, under the chin, flabby arms, thighs, etc.

Say you work out, and you work out hard, and you eat well, but there are still some areas that just do not respond. CoolSculpting will help with that. If you go online and look at Victoria Park’s before and after pictures, you’ll see amazing results from the people who’ve done CoolSculpting. They told me that the founder of the CoolSculpting technology only treated one side of his flanks as a test. He took pictures years after the treatment and that one side he treated was still smaller than the other – so it really lasts! That’s convinced me!”

Is there a double standard about men getting cosmetic treatments as opposed to women?

I think there has been, but it’s more accepted now for both sexes. There’s no reason to be ashamed of getting anything done. It’s your body, your face; you can do whatever you want, whatever makes you feel better. I go to the hairdresser to colour my hair and cover my gray; I work out to be healthy and to lose weight…

If you want to reverse sun damage, stress on your face, sunspots, spider veins, you can do it! Do whatever you want to make yourself feel better.”

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