Say goodbye to mad mommy wrinkles!

Learn how the talented journalist, Veronique Harvey, dealt with the signs of #MomFatigue with a little help from Dr. Cherkaoui, plastic surgeon.

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I’ve mentioned it a few times before – including in this article “Yes, I’ve tried Botox” – but I’ve been a Botox user for a few years. Not that I want to change my face, but there’s this frown line between my eyebrows that really annoys me.

And I’ve noticed that it’s become more and more visible since the arrival of my little Harrison, in January 2020. Hence the nickname :


I have to admit that our babies don’t always understand what we say in words when they are little, so they rely a lot on our facial expressions. That’s why I’ve been over-expressive for the past year and a half! But hey, everything comes with repercussions, and in my case, we’re talking about a wrinkle that’s getting deeper and deeper in the middle of my face… Not cool!


So, in order not to look permanently angry in a few years (not to mention a few months…), I decided to make my ugly wrinkle “disappear”. And the “magician” who made this happen is Dr. Jihane Cherkaoui from Victoria Park Medispa.

I’ve often heard about this medical aesthetic clinic, which specialises in aesthetic injections, skin rejuvenation/firming treatments, acne reduction, and body contouring. So when I was offered the chance to combat the signs of #MomFatigue with the help of a cosmetic injection treatment, I jumped at the chance!

I could have opted for the Forever Young BBL treatment – a photorejuvenation treatment that uses intense pulsed light to rejuvenate the skin and reduce pigmentation spots – which is ideal for those who want a non-invasive treatment. It is said that those who undergo the treatment look 10 years younger than their age…!


While I have always opted for Botox in the past, this time I succumbed to Dysport. This is actually a similar product, a muscle relaxant (very popular in Europe, by the way) that offers even more natural results. As Dr. Cherkaoui is a fan of natural, elegant and harmonious results, she recommended Dysport to me, and I am delighted to have accepted.

I have more mobility than I used to have and, in addition, the results have come much faster. I was already starting to see a difference after only 3 days!

Other options…

During my consultation, Dr. Cherkaoui told me about different treatments that might be of interest to many new mothers. Four of them caught my attention:

  • One is the Bella MD, a 2.0 facial that includes medical grade microdermabrasion and a serum infusion. Instant radiance!
  • Otherwise, there’s Forever Clear BBL, a state-of-the-art acne treatment that uses light technology to effectively clear acne without discomfort, cream or medication.
  • There is also diVa Vaginal Therapy, a non-surgical, quick, no-recovery treatment that increases lubrication and sensation during sex, tightens the vaginal canal, improves the ability to achieve orgasm, and most importantly improves control of urinary stress incontinence (!)
  • Finally, CoolSculpting, which burns fat cells using cold, and thus helps to get rid of stubborn bulges.

In short, just because you become a mother doesn’t mean you have to forget about yourself…


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