The Benefits of Going Make-Up Free

For many of us, staying home gives us the freedom to go without makeup. If you are part of “Team No Makeup” (or considering joining), are you curious to know if you’re doing your skin some good? Dr. Miriam Hakim , dermatologist from our Pointe-Claire clinic, talks about the potential benefits of a nude face.
You May Reduce Breakout Aggravation.

While we associate makeup with hiding breakouts, it can also play a role in worsening them. By going makeup-free, you can see if makeup is aggravating your breakouts. If you are still breaking out after 4-6 weeks of not wearing makeup, a consultation with a Victoria Park dermatologist might be helpful. We also offer treatments like BBL Forever Clear and a variety of other treatments to help reduce breakouts. Our professional team also includes experienced technicians who work with our dermatologists to help achieve your goals.

Your Skin May Be Less Dry
One of the “side effects” of makeup is that its residue may accumulate and slow the renewal process of the skin. Because certain areas of the face may be preferentially affected, the skin may appear dry with textural irregularities. Furthermore, the ingredients in some cosmetics can directly hinder the skin’s renewal process. As you stop using makeup, your skin will self-repair and should become more naturally hydrated.
You May Have Fewer Skin Reactions
Sulphates, parabens, and metals are very often found in beauty products. They may cause a variety of problems, ranging from inflammatory reactions to infections. A common practice is the elimination of products in these individuals (one by one), in order to identify the culprit. Why not try going makeup-free and eliminating all unpleasant possibilities?
Your Face May Show Less Aging
Makeup (no matter how good) can settle into wrinkles and highlight them. Stop hiding “age” and you may just see “youth”.
You Improve Your Skincare Routine
Without makeup to cover up blemishes, you will realize how important healthy skin is. With this newfound knowledge and cash flow, you can invest in clean and effective products that improve skin quality. Gradually, your skin will gain a natural shine sans highlighter.
You Get More Beauty Sleep
Your daily beauty routine can take up to 30 minutes, right? Well, imagine regaining some of those minutes to get more sleep! Extra sleep improves skin’s appearance, period.

We always encourage you to embrace what makes you feel good. That being said, the right combination of products and treatments may just be all you need to achieve that glow from within that no makeup can.