Luckily, you’re in the right place. The term “mommy makeover” is often used in the media to refer to plastic surgery procedures, and usually revolves around restoring appearance. But there’s so much more to this makeover than that! To the surprise of many, there are several procedures that patients can utilize without going under the knife. Also, several procedures have nothing to do with aesthetics, but rather with simply feeling like your best self.

How is Victoria Park Medispa different?

One of the things that sets Victoria Park apart, and one of the reasons why we are Canada’s Top Medispa in 2021, is the wide array of technologies we have for any given concern. Our non-invasive mommy makeover solutions are a great example. We can help you:

Feel body-confident!

• Target and eliminate stubborn fat all over your body with Coolsculpting for the ultimate body contouring experience;
• Tighten loose skin with Exilis Ultra, Morpheus8 or Endymed Intensif;
• Strengthen your core and simultaneously treat diastasis recti with Emsculpt Neo, our top of the line body sculpting treatment;
• Eliminate the appearance of scars and stretch marks with Microneedling (with and without RF). This can also be achieved using Vbeam, Morpheus8, Endymed Intensif or fractional laser treatments such as C02 for epidermal and dermal scarring that require a more in-depth treatment;
• Reduce the appearance of spider and varicose veins with Vbeam or sclerotherapy, which can worsen with increased weight;
• Experiencing hair loss due to hormonal changes? Discover your options with our PRP treatment, a natural solution to fight hair loss;
• Zap unwanted hairs caused by hormonal changes with laser hair removal. Because we know you have little free time, GentleMAX PRO can treat all skin tones in 6–8 sessions, in as little as 5 minutes per treatment.

Get back to the real you,
down there!

  • Say no to leakage when you sneeze, laugh or work out with Emsella,
    which gives your pelvic floor 11,000 kegels in a fully clothed 28-minute session;
  • Restore external vaginal tissue with diVaTyte;
  • Decrease vaginal laxity, dryness, burning, and itching with diVa;
  • Regain your normal sexual function with the O-Shot
    or the G-Spot amplification shot.

Get your skin looking as refreshed

and rested as pre-baby!

  • Treat sun spots/hyperpigmentation and skin redness (telangiectasias, couperose and rosacea) — which can get worse during and after pregnancy — with BBL, BBL Clear or Vbeam;
  • Reduce dark spots caused by melasma (also known as the pregnancy mask) with HALO, Clear & Brilliant and medical chemical peels offered by our dermatologists;
  • Refresh tired-looking eyes and treat dark circles with under eye fillers or collagen-producing treatments such as HALO, Morpheus8 and Endymed Intensif.

And so much more, including private surgery with our board-certified plastic surgeons.

You take care of everyone else, let us take care of you.

This can be overwhelming, we get it. But we’ve got you. Your best course of action, regardless of your concerns, is to speak to one of our specialists who are well versed in these treatments and can design a customized plan that will get you feeling like your best self ASAP! After all, you’ve birthed nothing short of a miracle. You deserve the best!

Our Victoria Park Medispa team is here to share tips, tricks, and advise. Is there a particular topic you’d like is to cover? Let us know by submitting a request in the text box below!

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